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For the best, easiest homemade stock around, your freezer holds the key.

Read more: How to Make Vegetable Stock Without a Recipe on Food52.

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  • Dad: Why the hell did you put a comma there?
  • Dad: Do you even know what a participial phrase is?
  • Dad: Omg. He's like my favorite character of all time.
  • Dad: Who should I dress up as for the movie premier?
  • Dad: Hey are you awak? I know it's late, but you read Animal Farm, right? Yeah. I need you to read this report. I can't tell if I am just super tired or if this is actual bullshit.
  • Dad: Alesha wouldn't be able to spell 'definitely' right if wrote it down for her. She would fucking erase it and then write 'defiantly', because she doesn't care. I hate her.
  • Dad: I need you to bake brownies. I lost a bet.
  • Dad: Omg. You cannot ship me with Gilcher. You know I don't like tattoos and he's like twenty-five. And for Christ's sake, he teaches math.
  • Dad: Omg. Gilcher said the funniest thing today.
  • Dad: Mrs. Ashworth and I have decided to start a band. It'll be called Great Expectations.
  • Dad: It's like you didn't read the fucking book.
  • Dad: Okay. So this week you're reading this book I stole from Mrs. Ashworth's. It's like sixty pages long, but you'll love it.
  • Dad: *puts books on my bed for me to read everyday and demands that I read them*
  • Dad: My son doesn't like reading. I have not only failed him, but society. You aren't my son. Leave.
  • Dad: Okay. So you're getting books for Christmas. All of you. I get discounts on them since I'm a teacher, and since I'm a teacher, it's all I can afford, so...
  • Dad: Fucking standardized testing can go fuck itself in the ass.
  • Dad: I have to teach for the required testing instead of what they really need to know.
  • Dad: Fuck the government.
  • Dad: Fuck the school board.
  • Dad: Close the door.
  • Dad: Charles Dickens was so fucking pretentious, and I hate him, but he also caused change, but he's such a Dick. Ha. DICKens.
  • Dad: I love puns.
  • Dad: People who say sarcasm is the lowest form of humor are assholes.
  • Dad: Please shut up.
  • Dad: Catching Fire was the worst book but the best movie and that feels weird.
  • Dad: I wouldn't get so mad when you call me at school if you didn't change your ringtones to inappropriate rap music.
  • Dad: I fucking hate Alesha. She asked what countries were apart of Austria-Hungary today and I almost told her to get out.
  • Dad: You cannot visit my school in a dress that short. There are boys there.
  • Dad: Barbra Parks is fucking Queen.
  • Dad: I need you to make me a good, relaxing playlist for silent reading. I'm too lazy.
  • Dad: If I have to watch two of my students grind on each other at one more dance, I will kill them both.
  • Dad: They act like I care what they think.
  • Dad: I hate homework.
  • Dad: I have decided to become a politician.
  • Dad: What's the one book with the guys and the one kills the other and the chick without a name who dies and the short angry man? Mouseman? Oh my fucking gosh. Of Mice and Men. I have failed.


Map of human body heat generated by various emotions

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Saying Thanks

Recently, Luke (age 9) has gotten really bratty at times, like MTV-channel teenager levels of bratty. We’re trying to have a near-zero tolerance policy on it, so when he starts that up, we give him one chance to change his attitude. If he doesn’t, we send him to his room with a piece of paper, and he can’t come out until he has written down at least ten things he’s thankful for.  They can’t be ten things he wrote on a previous list; he continues each new list on the same sheet as the last one.  Then he has to read the list to us, and assuming we approve of it, the list goes on the fridge until next time.

Above is an image of one sheet from the lists. You can assume these each finish the phrase “I am thankful that” or “I am thankful for”:

  1. the fact that I’m still alive
  2. I have so much that I have to give things [away]
  3. I go to school
  4. I have food
  5. I have a bed
  6. I have a dog and 2 cats
  7. I have the bible
  8. I have disciplin [sic] (to which he added verbally, “well, sometimes”)
  9. It’s almost Christmas
  10. I have my own room

The next list continues:

  1. I [am] not that sick any more
  2. I scored two goals [in the] last soccer game
  3. I have parents who made me write this
  4. I have so much food that sometimes I eat to much [sic]
  5. I go to church
  6. I have friends
  7. I have 16 days off
  8. I have a nice teacher
  9. (on back) I have grandparents
  10. (on back) that Jesus was born

There are more lists but I’ll stop here.

Thus far, this has been surprisingly effective. He is usually in his room for 15-20 minutes before returning with the list, but afterwards he is in a noticeably better mood.

This makes me wonder: would this be effective for me to do when I am bratty or grumpy?

I think I may try it in 2014. It’s so easy for me to fall into a sarcastic, snarky, complaining attitude.  Life is crazy and stupid and frustrating in countless ways, and yet I have so many things for which I should be thankful. This sounds a bit like new age self-help babbling, I suppose, but after seeing it in my kids, and knowing I’m not much different in my own attitudes, it’s worth trying.

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” For me, this year, I am going to work on better thankfulness for the good things in life.  And here’s a good place to start: thank you — really, you — for reading this blog, commenting on it, and joining me a little bit on this strange obstacle course called parenting.

I hope you and your family have a great 2014. Happy New Year!


Hey look, it’s time for my annual charity appeal. The end of December is like Black Friday for nonprofits: on average, 10% of each year’s donations are made in the last three days of the calendar year.

As with prior years, I encourage you to support my favorite nonprofits: Modest Needs (U.S.-based charity helping people get through short-term financial difficulties); World Vision (international charity dealing with everything from disaster relief to food security, from child sponsorship to drilling clean-water wells); and EngenderHealth (international charity dealing with women’s health, maternal health, and family planning). However, even more than that, I encourage you to support charities that are local to you: soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, and so on. Please give as you can.





and you can choose what kind of tree you want to become


just imagine cemeteries looking like this


life after death


this is how all cemeteries should look. its awkward to hug a gravestone. imagine hugging your grandma/tree. ugh rebuild all cemeteries



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Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - 7/16/12 - Do Not Read List (x)

All it takes is a sliiight rotation.


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From Debbie Sterling’s TEDxPSU talk, "Inspiring the next generation of female engineers." Sterling is the creator of GoldieBlox, a set of toys featuring Goldie, a female engineer who guides girls to develop problem-solving skills and build projects, introducing girls to the world of engineering through a tech-savvy female role model.

Watch Sterling’s entire talk below, and learn more about GoldieBlox at its website:

It’s the same case with architecture, it is still very much a man’s world. Most architecture schools contain 50/50 balance, but female registered architects are around that 11% mentioned in the talk… Actually, in my native language, and many others I suppose, the term ‘architecture’ is the same as ‘engineering’ with emphasis on the built aspect of it… but the English language has completely separate terms for them.

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The results are in! After working tirelessly day and night, we present the results of the 'Breaking Bad - The Fate of Walter White’ survey. Check out the shiny charts and graphs above! Controversy abounds!

I just assumed everyone else assumed that Walt was going to die. Clearly, that is not the case as the numbers tell a different story. That said, if Walter does in fact die, the probability is that either Jesse or cancer will do the deed.

Here are some fun takeaways from Male vs. Female responses:

  • Females are significantly* more likely to think Walter will die.
  • Males are significantly more likely to name Hank as Walter’s killer and, interestingly, females are significantly more likely to name Skyler as Walter’s killer.
  • Males are significantly less likely to name cancer as Walt’s killer.

And some more cool results regarding age related responses:

  • The older the respondents are, the less likely they believe Walt is going to die (with some outliers).
  • All seven age groups have nearly identical responses as to whether Jesse or cancer will eventually kill Walter. The exception is with 18-24 year olds who, when compared against any other age group, are nearly twice as likely to believe Jesse, not cancer, will kill Walter.

*possible spoiler below*

After last week’s creepy as hell, episode ending scene between Hank and Walt, I’m curious as to how people might answer now? Is Walt going to knock off Hank? What say you? Discuss!

*statistically significant (hopefully, I think)


W. W.

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